My Guitars

Here you can find a complete catalogue of my guitars. My Concert Guitar Models are the outcome of many years of work and research, in which I’ve been trying to find a full sound and at the same time my ideal for the guitar: brightness and spaciousness.

On the other hand I’ve created a new line of Student Guitars for young guitarists of conservatories (from elementary to intermediate level) and guitar fans in general that can’t afford to purchase a concert guitar but nevertheless are in need of instruments with high quality of sound and lower prices.

I’ve been always interested in copying early romantic guitars. For these instruments, I take as a guide the respect for the original building system and the sonority. Nevertheless, for me is essential that my clients are fully satisfied with their guitars. Therefore, I’m open to include some particular changes if they don’t alter the visual aesthetic and the sonority of the instrument. Both my own design and the copies of romantic guitars are played by many outstanding professionals in Europe, America and Asia. You can check their names and information about them in the page of Artists.